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I never liked cooking. Well, at least I thought so for a big part of my life. As a young girl, I was never interested in learning to prepare dishes that my mum was making, and I remember her saying out of joke to me: ‘My darling, I wish you to find a husband who knows to cook.’ In myself, I thought: ‘Okay, that would be the easier thing to do than learning to prepare all these dishes by recipes.’ So, that was my plan – I will find someone (or hire a chef when I get rich xD) who knows to cook so that I will never have to waste all that time in the kitchen.

That’s right, at that period of my life, cooking was just wasting of time, and I could never find any satisfaction in it… until… Until I didn’t start living on my own and was forced to cook by myself. I didn’t always have all the ingredients that are prescribed in recipes (ironically, I never liked to follow the recipes), so I started to experiment with food that I had in the fridge. Sometimes, my food creations would turn out great, whereas some other times they would be barely eatable or, as my dear friend would politely say: ‘Daggy, it has an interesting taste.’ That was his nice way of saying: ‘I’ll eat it now, but please don’t make it again’. xD

Regardless of few failed dishes, I never gave up experimenting and combining new ingredients because, as for anything else in life, only trials and errors can take us to the point of mastering a craft. And I’m not sure if I have mastered the cooking craft yet, but what I am definitely sure about is that you will find plenty of inspiration for yummy recipes in daggy foods cookbook, which is designed with love and passion, with an intention to make your taste buds love its creations.

All the recipes in the daggy foods cookbook are plant-based and dairy-free, and most of them are gluten-free as well. Besides recipes, you will find lots of inspiration, cooking tips, fun facts and nutritional information about the ingredients I’ve used. Speaking of which, many times it will happen that you won’t have all the ingredients that I’ve written in some recipe, but that mustn’t be the reason to give up on the dish! Instead, have the courage to experiment and make your own version of it, and you will see that the result you get may surprise you. Enjoy reading and preparing the delicious creations from daggy foods cookbook!
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