Sorry, I'm a Bit in a Rush!

Dragana Potpara

14, Nov 2021

‘Sorry, I’m a bit in a rush, I’ll text you when I find some free time.’ This is one of the most used phrases these days, or better said these years. Today, everybody is in a rush and nobody has time. We don’t have time to meet up with friends, we don’t have time to play, we don’t have time to meditate, we don’t have time to do sports, and most importantly, we don’t have time to breathe.

Breathing is a complex body process, and being focused on it requires some time, but as we said before, we don’t have time to breathe. On the other hand, something for what we always find time is running, although not running in a stadium or on a trail in nature. Our running can be done anywhere: in the bathroom, down the stairs, up the stairs, in the street, through the red light, in the car, in the elevator, during lunch and in the office.

Office, it’s a place where the running stops, but many times it also begins there, on that chair behind our working desk with the computer and other devices that make our running faster. What would we do without these devices? How could we run that fast without the assistance of our super tools that save our precious time by writing for us, calculating for us and doing so many other tasks instead of us? Thanks to these super tools, we have so much time available for doing other things since we don’t have to worry anymore about all that stuff that now gets done by our best friends: technological devices.

That’s right, technological devices are our best friends now, and not some people with whom we were hanging around ten years ago. Ten years already? Has it really passed that much time since we have seen our ‘people friends’? It has. And why is that so? Well, isn’t it obvious? It’s written even in the title: because we are a bit in a rush, so we don’t have time to hang around with our old friends.

Old, that’s what the people whom once we used to call friends have become now. And nobody likes old things anyway. Old things are boring and outdated. Throughout the years, these old friends didn’t have that many updates and new features as our dear technological devices did. Oh, by the way, we have recently installed the latest versions of our super tools, so why would we be bothered dealing with some outdated versions of our old friends then? No, we don’t want to do that, which is why all these outdated friends always get the same answer from us: ‘Sorry, I don’t have time for that now’.

Truth to be told, what we are really saying with that answer is: ‘I don’t have time now for you and I don’t want to waste it on you because you are not that fast and capable as my super tools are. Plus, I don’t even need you anymore since now I have all these modern devices at my disposal that will do everything for me and instead of me. You never wanted to do everything for me. You wanted to teach me how to do it, indeed, but you never wanted to do it instead of me as my new friends, technological devices are doing. That is why I choose them instead of you, that is why I will always find some time for them, but not for you.’

Sad, but this is what we think when we say to our frien… oops, our old friends that we are a bit in a rush and that we don’t have time to meet up with them. But wait, how come that we are in a rush if all these technological devices are doing everything for us now? Shouldn’t it mean that we have more spare time now since our super tools are managing all our tasks instead of us?

Well, that’s a bit tricky argument because yes, it is true that technological devices are doing most of our work, but it’s also true that those same devices are constantly producing even more work for us, more tasks to do, more emails to answer, more information to memorize and more skills to gain. Shortly, these devices are quite requiring, and they expect us to remember as much data as its stored in their computer systems because the competition is strong on the market, and we have to keep up the fast pace if we want to survive in this world’s race.

Exactly that, it’s a world’s race in which everyone is doing their best and trying to keep up the step with others who are, the same as we, also a part of this fast race. And if you want to participate in the world’s fast race, you must be fast as well, which means that you always have to be in a rush and that there is no time to lose here.

There is no time to lose and no time for old friends because they don’t understand your fast race anymore. They live some different lives than you, running in their own races, and some of them not even that. Some of them are not chasing anything, which is why they don’t have to run anywhere. When you look at them and their slow-paced lives, they seem boring and outdated to you, which is an immediate signal for you to put them in a dusty box of ‘old friends’ that won’t be opened anymore.

Some of them will try to get out of that box and wave to you, but you will make sure to put them back inside quickly so that they wouldn’t slow you down while running at your fast pace. You’re in a rush and you don’t have time for anything that would make you become a loser. And nobody likes losers here. Even you are trying to stay away from these kinds of people so that they wouldn’t contaminate your thinking with their losers’ mindset.

That losers’ mindset goes on your nerves, and you simply can’t stand people who think that way. If it would be up to you, these people shouldn’t even have any right to live because all they are doing in their lives is not doing anything actually. Although perhaps… it may only look that way…

Indeed, it only looks that way on the outside, and that’s how you and your other colleagues-runners perceive it. But even though it may seem to others that these ‘losers’ are only wasting precious time of their lives, the truth couldn’t be further than that.

Yes, it is true that they don’t run at a fast pace. Actually, they don’t run at all. No, they don’t run, they live. They came here to simply live and teach others with their example how to spend time that we all have at our disposal. The time available to us is limited, and we have slightly mixed up the things regarding that how we should use it. While running at a fast pace, we have forgotten the most important fact about life, which is that life is not there to be run but to be lived.

To live, that is what we all came here for, but somehow, many of us got lost along the way, lost in that never-ending race that is draining the last atoms of the energy out of our body. And even when we realize that it’s perhaps time for these atoms to be recharged and these cells to be regenerated, we still don’t do anything about it because other participants of the fast race won’t wait for us until we recharge our batteries, thus, there’s no time for stopping now.

There is no time for stopping, so we keep running at a fast pace in our fast race. Do we keep running until… the finish line? No, not really, because there is no finish line here, at least not the one that would be the same for all and that would mean that the race is over. In reality, the world’s fast race is never over because there will always be someone running and trying to overtake others. And which others? Well, the ones that are still in the game, the ones that still haven’t made it to the finish line.

Which finish line? Haven’t we said before that there is no finish line here?

Indeed, there is no one finish line that would determine the end of the race for all the participants, but there are plenty of finish lines for all those runners whose batteries get completely discharged during the race. Each of these runners will have a different finish line, although in the same world’s fast race. And each of these finish lines is there to represent a moment… a moment when a fast runner collapsed and stopped running the race.

Some of these runners will end their race sooner, while some of them later than others, but eventually, they will all get to the same point of the race, or better said, to the same point of life. That’s a point and moment in life when, after all that chasing and running, they finally get to the place from which they have started their race so many years ago. A place where those ‘losers’ still are, living, and not running the life.

Once the runners meet up with those losers at that old starting point, some of them will wake up and join the losers in living life the way it was intended to be lived in the first place: by playing, loving and breathing while appreciating all the life miracles that surround us. On the other hand, there will always be some runners who still haven’t learned the lesson that the fast race was trying to convey to them. Thus, as soon as they get back to the starting point, they will jump straight into another race, perhaps even faster one this time and with faster competition than it was in the previous race.

So, they will start running the new race while trying to keep up the super-fast pace with others until eventually they don’t collapse again and come back to the same starting point from before. This time, they will think twice whether to jump into one more race or to stay there a bit, in the company of those ‘losers’ who only wanted to show them how it feels to breathe and live outside the world’s fast race.



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