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14, Nov 2021

Sorry, I'm a Bit in a Rush!

Today, everybody is in a rush and nobody has time. We don’t have time to meet up with friends, we don’t have time to play, we don’t have time to meditate, we don’t have time to do sports, and most importantly, we don’t have time to breathe...

24, Oct 2021

Am I Alone in All This?

Alone. Nobody likes that word because nobody likes to be alone. Being alone is not pleasant, being alone scares us, being alone makes us feel sad, and that is why we can’t stand being alone.

12, Oct 2021

Welcome to the Kingdom of Anxiety

In case you haven’t been there yet, the Anxiety Kingdom may be something unknown and unfamiliar to you, so let me introduce you briefly to it...

05, Oct 2021

Are You Afraid of Your Fears?

We all have fears. And most of us are totally aware of them. We know that they reside in us and come out to the surface each time when we have to make some decision or change in our life...

26, Sep 2021

Let's Talk About Our Dirty Underwear

We try to ignore and deny its existence even to ourselves, so we never open that basket where the pile of our dirty underwear is...

20, Sep 2021

Spring Cleaning

Have you done your spring cleaning? Why should it be my business whether you cleaned your house or not? No darling, I’m not talking about your house here...

12, Sep 2021

How to Deal with Loving Parents?

If your parents are loving, why would you then have to deal with them? Isn’t it that we only deal with people that are not nice to us and that we would want to change for some reason? Well, not exactly...

06, Sep 2021

A Getaway from Boredom

Most of the time, we are all running somewhere. And when we are not running for something, other things are running us...

29, Aug 2021

What Does the Self-Love Mean?

They say ‘self-acceptance is the key’, and you believe them. They even give you the tools how to accept yourself and how to be more loving towards yourself...

22, Aug 2021

How to Follow Our Inner Guidance?

I’m sure you’ve already heard the expression ‘inner guidance’ or ‘inner guiding’, or even ‘inner voice’ from so many people so many times...

15, Aug 2021

You’re (Not) Enough

Many times we hear this phrase, but it rarely comes from some other person so that we could easily find the one to blame...

08, Aug 2021

Allow Yourself to Be Lazy

Sounds weird, right? You probably haven’t heard this phrase from many people...

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