Dragana Potpara

Hi, I’m Daggy, and I can’t tell you much about me because I’m also just starting to discover and get to know myself. What do I mean by this? Well, if you would ask me who the old Daggy was, it would be quite simple to answer: ambitious person and super-achiever who was focused on gaining titles and accomplishments in order to impress others, and mostly herself. The old Daggy was deeply stuck in the dirty mud of her ego shell, but luckily that shell has finally cracked and let the new, true Daggy come out to the surface.

Now you understand why I can’t tell you who that new Daggy is because she’s surprising me each day more. I’ve discovered that she likes to write, cook and create with no need to impress, but only to express the magic that she found recently in her. Actually, that magic was always there, only that the old Daggy wasn’t letting it go out and show itself to the world. There is no old Daggy anymore; there is only this new, reemerged Daggy that is warmly inviting you and me to get to know her gradually through her beautiful creations and inspiring work.

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